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United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC)

BADMINTONscotland signed up to the UKCC in 2004, along with 31 other sports, to bring the coaching structure in Scotland in line with the other home countries of England and Wales. The aim of the Government led initiative is to develop a coaching network which ensures parity and quality assurance of coach education and seeks to improve the consistency and quality of coaching throughout the UK. Over the past four years BADMINTONscotland has been working towards a transfer from the previous coach education system to the new UKCC Certificates and commenced delivery of UKCC Badminton courses in 2008.


Level 1 UKCC Certificate in Coaching Badminton (Assistant Coach)

The Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Badminton is the first step in the new BADMINTONscotland coaching pathway. The qualification focuses on both the art and the science of coaching and helps new coaches to break down and coach the technical and tactical elements of the game. It will qualify the assistant coach to work alongside a more qualified coach, working with players in their early stages of development. The Level 1 Certificate is suitable for those who are new to coaching, but who have some knowledge of the game and would like to learn how to apply that in a coaching environment.

Candidates for the Level 1 UKCC Certificate are required to:-

* be at least 16 years of age on the first day of the course

* have some experience of playing the game and can participate in a short rally

* can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what is required when playing the game and the technicalities required when participating in a short rally


Level 2 UKCC Certificate in Coaching Badminton

The Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton prepares candidates to prepare for, deliver and review coaching sessions. The course is made up of one full weekend, a third day and an assessment half day spread over a period of at least 7 weeks.

 Candidates for the Level 2 UKCC Certificate are required to:-

* be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the course

* hold a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Badminton OR hold a BADMINTONscotland Instructors Award or BADMINTON England Level 1 or the Welsh Badminton Union Leaders Award, and have provided additional evidence of competence to the standards of the Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Badminton, (completion of the Bridging Pack, completed before the start of the course).

Candidates are expected to complete the stated pre-course reading and practical exercises prior to attending the course. Failure to do so may limit the ability of candidates to successfully complete the course and obtain the qualification.

When attending the course, candidates should wear non-marking trainers/court shoes, shorts/sports-skirt/tracksuit bottoms, T-shirt/polo-shirt. Candidates should bring with them a badminton racket.


Level 3 UKCC Certificate in Coaching Badminton

The Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Badminton prepares candidates to plan, implement and revise annual coaching programmes and it is currently the highest qualification delivered in badminton. Throughout the course, candidates will develop high level coaching skills that should equip them to work at any level in the sport.

The qualification has been developed by the UK Source Group for Badminton (BADMINTON England, BADMINTON Scotland and Welsh Badminton Union) in partnership with our awarding body 1st4sport qualifications. BADMINTON England is a recognised delivery centre for 1st4sport qualifications.

The overall aim of the qualification is to provide candidates who have an ongoing involvement in coaching badminton, with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a coaching programme and the opportunity to demonstrate their badminton coaching ability.

The Certificate offers an opportunity for candidates to be given support to effectively apply the principles of performance profiling, goal setting, and designing, planning and evaluating a badminton coaching programme within their own practice. It also aims to enable candidates to create an effective coaching environment, establish supportive working relationships and manage the behaviour of players and others.

The Coaching Process (PLAN, DO, REVIEW) will be explored in more depth with enabling coaches to plan, deliver and evaluate annual coaching programmes that meet the individual needs of their players.

The learning outcomes for the qualification are as follows:

On successful completion of the Level 3 Certificate, candidates should be able to:

* establish potential performance benchmarks/indicators

* establish players’ current and potential performance needs

* establish and agree goals with players and others

* design a coaching programme that meets the identified needs of the players

* plan a detailed training cycle or phase associated with an aspect of the coaching programme

* plan an evaluation schedule for the coaching programme

* establish and maintain a safe coaching environment for players and others

* establish and maintain supportive working relationships with players and others

* manage players’ and others’ behaviour to ensure a safe and effective coaching environment

* prepare players and others for the coaching programme

* deliver a badminton coaching programme

* develop players’ performance within the coaching programme

* monitor and evaluate players’ performance and development

* monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching programme

* monitor, evaluate and develop their personal coaching practice

* monitor, review and support the development of the coaching practice of others.

Pre-requisite requirements

* Candidates should hold the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Badminton or equivalent

* Candidates should be aged 18 or over

* It is recommended that candidates should have been coaching regularly for 2 years

* It is recommended that candidates are CRB checked and members of the BADMINTONscotland Coaching Register


Further information on UKCC Coaching Certificates can be found at BADMINTONscotland





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