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Hawick Badminton Festival - 2015

The Hawick annual Badminton Festival was held at Hawick High School Games Hall on Tuesday, 17th November, 2015.  The youngsters sampled five different badminton skill stations such as 'Fitness Challenge', 'Target Practice' and 'Beat the Pro'.

Harry Turnbull would like to thank Nancy Morrison, Laura Turnbull and all the high school pupils who helped make this a great experience for the youngsters. Special thanks to Paul Scott, the Active Schools Coordinator for the Hawick cluster for his help in organising the festival.

Hawick Badminton festival 2015 - Part 1


Hawick Badminton festival 2015 - Part 2


Hawick Badminton festival 2015 - Part 3


Festival Photographs by Harry Turnbull

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