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Hawick & District Coaches

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  Harry Turnbull

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Harry started to coach badminton to his daughter Laura and some of her friends, approximately 17 years ago.

Over the years Harry has continued to coach any youngsters willing to attend his sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. His ambition was to take the game of badminton into the primary schools and this year this has been made possible with the help from the other dedicated coaches listed on this page.

Harry explains," I missed out on junior badminton when I went through the school system in Hawick and never started playing the game until the 5th year at the High School. Over the years I've coached many youngsters. I was very proud to have coached Ewan Godfrey to winning the Borders Schools under 16's Boys Singles Title for two consecutive years. Badminton is a great fun game to play and it's terrific that we have managed to take badminton into some of the primary schools in Hawick and Denholm this season. I would like to see a coach in every school but that is simply not possible without another couple of coaches. I will be looking to recruit more help for next season."

Colin Blaikie

Colin assists Harry with the Tuesday evening coaching sessions and has has coached P4-P7 children at Drumlanrig Primary School. He has also introduced the game to pre-school youngsters at Drumlanrig.

  Fiona Scott

Fiona coaches at Wilton Primary School.

Fiona began coaching at Trinity Primary School in the 1980's, along with Steve Rodgers, while also assisting her dad, Alan Bailey, coach the High School kids of the same era.

Having started her own badminton career at Stirches Primary School Fiona continued at the High School before joining Wilton Badminton Club where her best achievement was coming runner up in the Border Handicap Tournament of 198? Where she and her dad were walloped in an epic final by Scott Beattie and Linda Knowlson.

Fiona told the HAWICKbadminton website: "I was never going to be the best player in the world but that's the great thing about badminton. It doesn't matter what level you play at it's still competitive and highly enjoyable at the same time. A great way to keep fit!

Following an absence from the sport due to work commitments Fiona has now began coaching again at Wilton Primary School, assisted by her nephew Ewan Godfrey, where she has been bowled over by the enthusiasm of her group. "All the kids at Wilton have improved since the start and are keen to learn more," she added. "We only have an hour on a Friday and we have to chase them out at the end of the lessons as they all want to keep playing. That's what I call success!"

Craig Thom

Craig coaches at Burnfoot Primary School and also assists at the Tuesday evening coaching sessions.

  Laura Turnbull

Laura assists her dad, Harry with the Tuesday and Thursday evening coaching sessions.

Tracey Kirkpatrick

Tracey coaches at Denholm Primary School. 

Tracey started to play badminton at Hawick High School in 1982 under the guidance of the late Mr Dickson who was the schools Religious Education teacher, she fondly remembers being taken to an exhibition match at the Tait Hall in Kelso which included Dan Travers (former Commonwealth Games gold and European bronze medallist and now a Scotland High Performance Coach) and that was it she was hooked.  Tracey continued to play through her school years and then into the Hawick clubs but like may people going off to study meant time away from the sport at a local level.

Tracey returned to the sport as a player at Hawick’s Wilton Badminton Club in 1999 and in the 2002 season she also became a member at Jedburgh Badminton Club, where in addition to playing she also began coaching.  At Jedburgh Badminton Club Tracey takes part in sessions with all age groups from P2’s to 2nd year High School pupils and gets great enjoyment from seeing the players game develop.

Tracey lives in Denholm and when tragedy struck the village school in April 2006 with it being burnt to the ground Tracey then though that when the school is rebuilt it will have a new state of the art games hall that would be ideal for playing and coaching badminton in and she was not wrong the new school and the games hall are fantastic, she now does coaching  session with P4’s to P7’s at the school on a Friday afternoon.  Tracey says ‘the sessions are great, the pupils all have different characters and they each take away different things from the sessions.  My primary goal for the sessions are that the pupils have fun with the game and we certainly achieve this’.




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